Link Archive #1

1. Good TypeScript review

TypeScript is not the first attempt to build a language to compile to JavaScript; it’s actually late to the party. The ubiquity of JavaScript as a runtime has inspired people from a variety of programming backgrounds to recreate JavaScript as they see fit. The CoffeeScript team actually maintains a ludicrously long list of 250+ languages that compile to JavaScript. That’s right—OVER TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY LANGUAGES.

2. SSL/TLS in .NET 4 deep dive

The Secure Socket Layer is now essential for the secure exchange of digital data, and is most generally used within the HTTPS protocol. .NET now provides the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to implement secure communications directly. Matteo explains the TLS/SSL protocol, and takes a hands-on approach to investigate the SslStream class to show how to  implement a secure communication channel

3. Microsoft Developer eXperience: IoT (internet of things) hands-on labs

Set of isolated labs for AzureML, Stream Analytics, HDInsight, Storm, based on Tessel, Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices.

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